As a quadriplegic my mind can’t force my muscles to move. When we allow fear and doubt to control our minds we become mentally paralyzed and unable to truly progress in business and life. We are frozen. I can’t choose to move my legs and walk, but I can choose to stand up, face my fears mentally, and achieve my full potential by aspiring for greatness.

  • Identify your paralysis.
  • Obtain the tools to achieve superior results.
  • Commit to living UNFROZEN.

What’s Your “Q Card?”

We all have exQuses that we tell others and ourselves keeping us from attaining our true desires. They get used like a Wild Card in a game as a free pass when we’re scared, need attention, or are being pushed out of our comfort zones. This presentation provides effective tips to clear your “hand” and play cards that deliver maximum success.


  • Recognize your “Q Card” or exQuses.

“I’m not smart enough, they won’t want me, It’s too hard, I’m too old, too overweight” and “I am addicted to something, you wouldn’t understand,” are just a few examples.

  • PlayIt Through.
  • Throwthem out.

Safety Is A Choice

The Four T’s to Decrease danger in your workplace! Once you’re emotionally attached to the importance of safety, it becomes a habit not a chore.

  • Take your
  • Think it through.
  • Totally
  • Trust your instincts.

Walking Is Overrated

After a second paralyzing neck break, my dream of walking again was crushed. How will you choose to Walk, or Roll, through the daily challenges of work and life?

  • Choose to Push through challenges.
  • Creativity creates Results.
  • Fear is the opposite of Faith.
  • Develop your own “Bring It On” phrase.