Nathan Ogden | The Expert In Overcoming Excuses and Fears

nathan ogden keynote 1INCLUSION IS NOT OPTIONAL

Inclusion is the key to ignite innovation and business growth, by attracting diverse talent, encouraging participation, and creating stronger confidence and productivity in the workplace. As a quadriplegic, Nathan knows first-hand what it’s like to be treated differently and not included in activities or tasks. Discover real life lessons on how to change our perception of others.

— Recognize strengths in others, not stereotypes.
— To “assume” creates separation and fosters misled judgement.
— Solve big issues by actively listening to those who aren’t the loudest in the room.
— “WE” is one of the most powerful words on Earth.

nathan ogden keynote 1WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE?

We all have excuses we tell others and ourselves, keeping us from attaining true success. They get used like a Wild Card in a game or a free pass when we’re scared, need attention, or are being pushed out of our comfort zones. Nathan delivers a powerful way to quit using excuses and live into our greatness.

— Recognize your “Q Card” or excuses. (I’m not smart enough… Nobody respects me… It’s too hard… I’m too busy… I’m addicted to something… It’s too uncomfortable…)
— Build a superior support system.
— Constant progress creates unparalleled success.

nathan ogden keynote 1WALKING IS OVERRATED

After a second paralyzing neck break, Nathan’s dream of walking was again crushed. Learn how to adapt, accept change, and adjust your vision to create the life you deserve.

— Quitting is not an option.
— Accept and adapt when challenged.
— Creativity creates results.
— So what if you can walk. Where are you mentally paralyzed?