Nathan Ogden has taught thousands how to conquer their fears and move from paralysis to progress through eliminating excuses in their lives. He is a wheelchair athlete, co-creator of the non-profit Chair The Hope, and author of the book Unfrozen and co-authored Resilience and Leadership In Trying Times, both #1 Bestsellers. In 2001, Nathan broke his neck snow skiing leaving him paralyzed and in tremendous pain. Regaining half of his body function over the next year brought new hope to his young family that he would walk again. That quickly changed as he lived through a second devastating neck break robbing him the use of his hands, triceps, and everything below the chest. Facing fears and staring his excuses in the eye, he found new legs to live life standing taller.

Nathan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, trainer, and bestselling author. He uses his unique life-changing experiences in overcoming challenges to train a vast variety of groups, from high schools to business executives throughout the world. Nathan instantly connects with his audience and delivers invaluable tools to be more successful in business and life. His courage and determination give hope and power to all who know him and hear his messages.

Nathan loves to live life and has experienced snow skiing, snorkeling, skydiving, completing a half triathlon, rappelling off a 150-foot cliff, and riding a hand-powered bicycle 1,200 miles with his family raising money for, and personally delivering over 2,000 wheelchairs in three short years to developing countries. Nathan lives in Boise, Idaho, and is married to a beautiful wife with four children.

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