Nathan’s Inspiring Story

Nathan Ogden knew his life to be near perfect with two young children, a wonderful wife of four years, and a successful career. Then at 26 years old, life presented a drastic challenge three days before Christmas in 2001. Searching for adventure on a snow-capped mountain would soon have Nathan trading in his skis for a wheelchair. Coming off a ski jump wrong he was instantly paralyzed and diagnosed as a quadriplegic, not able to swallow or even breathe on his own. There was too much to live for so he battled through setbacks and obstacles with intense therapy. Nathan returned to work full time, was able to drive again, and embraced his new life from a seated position with the motto of “We Believe”. He was getting much stronger and knew he would walk again.

Just over a year after that fateful ski run, Nathan became ill and was admitted to a hospital unconscious. While receiving x-rays he fell off the gurney and suffered a second devastating neck break with greater neurological damage. The only phrase he spoke before entering surgery for the second time was, “Bring It On!” Weeks after the second break he noticed the muscle movement he worked so hard to regain the first time, was not coming back. This was a devastating blow to his recovery. Nathan wrote, “After the second neck break I was not only physically paralyzed but mentally trapped as well. I desperately tried to be a good father and husband but I slipped into depression and denial. How will I ever achieve anything now? What good am I to my wife and kids anymore?” Nathan has a perfect knowledge of the feelings and struggles that come from being physically and mentally paralyzed. He lost his job, friends, self-esteem, and almost his marriage. Being physically paralyzed is extremely difficult, but not moving mentally is painfully worse.

Using his years of challenging experiences he has found superior systems to move from paralysis to progress. If you are not progressing in business and life, you begin losing hope, starting to feel insignificant, unimportant, almost invisible. Our attitude and productivity drop and we lose focus on our goals. Nathan’s critical strategies help us identify and conquer the excuses and lies we tell ourselves that paralyze us mentally. Allowing us to move beyond our current limitations and achieve true satisfaction and success. Surviving not only one, but two neck breaks, Nathan has an extraordinary message to share.

“Nathan is an engaging speaker who has an innate ability to resonate with his audience. His story is inspiring, while at the same time humbling, and is an excellent anecdote in relating to the challenges we all face in our personal and professional lives.”

Thomas Coleman
President – Coleman Homes

“Nathan’s life experiences and his perspective on them will give anyone a renewed sense of possibility and hope. Armed with these, action is an inevitable next step! I can only begin to describe how powerful we found his delivery, message, and impact! I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the room during the standing ovation at the conclusion of Nathan’s message. More importantly, dozens of listeners shared with me how inspired they were to take action and grow in their businesses as well as in their personal lives. Nathan will be heartily welcomed back to speak again! We will continue to recommend him as a phenomenal and impactful speaker!”

Mitch Tippetts
President – Synergy Solutions