Chair The Hope: 1,200 Mile California Bike Ride

We are excited to announce our next adventure!

Chair The Hope is an amazing event where the Ogden family will be cycling 1,200 miles to raise awareness and money for wheelchairs to be delivered in developing countries. The Ogden crew knows first hand of how a wheelchair can change a life. Nathan Ogden has broke his neck two separate times, leaving him paralyzed. His disability has not altered his adventurous drive. Nathan, his wife Heather, and their 4 children ages 10-18 will be riding a hand cycle and bicycles in relay-style from Mt. Bachelor, OR (where Nathan broke his neck the first time) to Los Angeles, CA.

The goal of CHAIR THE HOPE is to inspire others to get outside and keep moving despite disabilities, fears, or excuses, while raising $100,000 to donate to the Wheelchair Foundation. During the past 17 years, the Wheelchair Foundation has gifted over 1 Million wheelchairs to people in need all over the globe. The Ogden family is passionate about getting kids, mothers, and fathers, off the ground and into wheelchairs that will allow them the independence to live with hope!

Join us this summer in California for our 1,200 mile bike ride from Mt. Bachelor to Los Angeles!




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